Half term Bookings

We have a range of sports and arts activities for young people with disabilities aged 14-25. This half term programme runs from 12th to 16th February. Activities include trampolining, yoga, and climbing and are adapted to the needs of the group. Please see below for activity venues and to book your place. 

Event Venues: 

Mon 12th - Yoga and ArtCanalside Centre, Canal Close, W10 5AY
Tues 13th - Trampolining & Multi Sports - St Charles College, St Charles Square, W10 6EY
Wed 14th - Climbing and Multi-Sports - Seymour Leisure Centre, W1H 5TJ *
Thur 15th - Multi Sports and Dance - Carlyle Gym, Hortensia Road, SW10 0QS
Fri 16th - CookingThe Kids Cookery School, W3 8HQ *
Fri 16th - Oxygen - Oxygen Freejumping Acton, W3 0AF

* Minibus available, please confirm your place when booking the activity. Limited spaces available.

For more information please contact:

Becky Mclaren | E: [email protected] | T: 020 7351 2346 | M: 07860 266 322

Book a place

Ticket Quantity Price

FULL WEEK (all activities)

Decrease Increase £25.00

Mon 12th (10-11:15am) - YOGA

Decrease Increase £2.50

Mon 12th (11:30am-3pm) - ART

Decrease Increase £2.50

Tue 13th (10am-3pm) - TRAMPOLINING & MULTI SPORTS

Decrease Increase £5.00

Wed 14th (10am-12pm) - CLIMBING

Decrease Increase £2.50

Wed14th (1-3pm) - MULTI SPORTS

Decrease Increase £2.50

Thur 15th (10am-12:30pm) - MULTI SPORTS

Decrease Increase £2.50

Thur 15th (1:30-3pm) - DANCE

Decrease Increase £2.50

Fri 16th (10am-12pm) - COOKING

Decrease Increase £2.50

Fri 16th (1-3pm) - OXYGEN

Decrease Increase £2.50