May Half Term Holiday Activities

We have an exciting programme this May Half Term to engage children and young people in positive activities including cooking, gym and fitness, music production, arts and crafts, outdoor adventures, kayaking and much more. Activities will run from 29th May to 1 June 2018.Read more

Community Youth Action

We are looking for young people that are ready to take a stand in their community to bring about the change they want to see !!Read more

Get involved

Find out about all the art, dance and music activities you can get involved in right now. Here you can see all the different partners we work with and have a look back at our past programmes.Read more

Holiday Programmes

We have a number of arts programmes we run during the holiday terms which children and young people can get involved in. These range from creating artwork to getting involved in intense dance training.Read more


We offer accredited opportunities to young people aged 7 to 25 at a variety of levels and for a range of abilities to suit individual needs and interests. Some of our main accredited programmes include The Duke of Edinburgh Award, The Arts Award, UK Youth Achievement Award, AQA Unit Award Scheme and much more.Read more

Art Events

We provide a range of events to both showcase and celebrate young people's work and achievements across the arts! Our events recognise reactivity and passion and the hard work, commitment and determination it has taken young people to get to where they are. They also inspire other young people to participate, achieve and act as a platform for progression.Read more

Know Your Roots Project

Know Your Roots is a new project, generously funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, that will use mixed media technology to develop art work that celebrates the beauty of black hair. Participants will embark on a super, kinky, curly exploration of the connections between heritage and hair.Read more

Local Elections 2018

Local elections are taking place on Thursday 3rd May. In these elections, voters are choosing who represents them on their local council. We all young people to register to vote and remind those who are 18 or older that their vote matters!Read more

Encouraging potential inspiring change

Removing barriers to increase life chancesRead more

Update on response to Grenfell Tower fire

Epic’s mission statement states that we strive to make a positive difference in the community in which we work. Mission statements are easy to write but much harder to live up to. In the immediate aftermath of Grenfell fire tragedy, Epic staff demonstrated that our mission statement means what it says.Read more

Mini Marathon Trials

This trial event offers the opportunity for young athletes to be selected for two borough representing events, the London Youth Games Cross Country and the London Mini Marathon.Read more

Health advice

A confidential space for 13-19 year olds to talk about and get help on any health issues they may be currently experiencing, including sex, relationships, wellbeing, diet & exercise.Read more

Relationships and Sex Education

The Relationships and Sex Education programme is a series of fun and engaging workshops for young people that will give them the skills to make positive and informed choices when it comes to their emotional wellbeing and sexual health.Read more

Hidden Harm

Our Hidden Harm project provides support to children & young people between the ages of 5 - 18 who have been affected by familial alcohol and/or substance misuse.Read more

Community events

Throughout the year Epic provides a range of events to showcase and celebrate young people's work and achievements across the arts, sports and so much more. From smaller groups to borough wide events we aim to inspire participation by young people, building their confidence as we go. We hope where possible you will attend and support their efforts.Read more

Education and employability

At Epic, we have a wide variety of impactful services to help young people successfully progress to the next stage of education, employment or training and to achieve their potential. - Over 85% percent of participants in our education and employability services progress successfully. - Our offer is holistic and personalised, focusing on individual need. - No starting point is too low or too high to use our provision. We can help overcome any barriers to progress.Read more


We empower young people aged 13-25 in Kensington and Chelsea with information, advice and support to manage and improve their health and wellbeing. Young people are facing an array of physical and mental health-related challenges growing up in today’s society including; obesity, exam pressures, peer pressures, sex and relationships, sexuality and substance misuse.Read more

Watersports and outdoor education

Feeling adventurous? Love the great outdoors? Then come and experience Epic’s exciting Watersports & Outdoor Education programme! Whether it's kayaking in London, attending white water adventures across the UK, making new friends on adrenalin filled day trips and unforgettable residential experiences, or achieving your Duke of Edinburgh Award we have something for you!Read more


Looking for opportunities to participate in sport; represent Kensington & Chelsea at the London Youth Games, or access coaching qualifications to start your career as a sports coach? Then you're in the right place! Epic Sport provides a weekly sports sessions in Kensington & Chelsea for young people aged 8-19; holiday programmes for young people with disabilities; and a range of training and coaching qualifications for young people looking to develop as young coaches.Read more