Arts Activities

Find out about all the art, dance and music activities you can get involved in right now. Here you can see all the different partners we work with and have a look back at our past programmes. Read more

Holiday Programmes

We have a number of arts programmes we run during the holiday terms which children and young people can get involved in. These range from creating artwork to getting involved in intense dance training. Read more


We offer accredited opportunities to young people aged 7 to 25 at a variety of levels and for a range of abilities to suit individual needs and interests. Some of our main accredited programmes include The Duke of Edinburgh Award, The Arts Award, UK Youth Achievement Award, AQA Unit Award Scheme and much more. Read more

Art Events

We provide a range of events to both showcase and celebrate young people's work and achievements across the arts! Our events recognise reactivity and passion and the hard work, commitment and determination it has taken young people to get to where they are. They also inspire other young people to participate, achieve and act as a platform for progression. Read more