Throughout the year we are offering a range of activities at our after school club. Dictated by the weather, we will have activities including; outside games, music, art, kayaking, cooking, dance and climbing. Each week there will also be the option of board games, games console and a film. 

Activities are adapted to the needs of the group, and are designed to be engaging, enjoyable and educational. The club is designed to create a much needed space for expression and socialisation, where children can hang out with their friends on a weekly basis, whilst learning new skills through structured but flexible activities. 

The children will be provided with a snack on arrival, and drinks are available throughout. We encourage the children to make their own snacks with us, to improve independence skills. (If your child has any dietary requirements please do let us know)

If you are new to the programme, please contact us before making your booking. We will be able to discuss the activities in more detail with you to make sure they are right for your child.

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