Children's Forum is about giving children a real and meaningful say in matters that are important to them and other children. It brings together children from all backgrounds and allows them to share and ‘give voice’ to ideas, opinions, attitudes and knowledge.

At Epic, we strongly believe that children and young people should be the ones who shape the services and the direction of our work. As well as supporting Children and Youth Forums, we carry out regular consultations and outreach, arrange discussions and debates, and support children and young people to air their views and give opinions about the issues that they care about.

Our stories

Salwa’s story:

Hi my names Salwa, I am 10 years old. I am apart of Children’s Forum, and I’ve been apart of it for one year. When I first joined Children’s Forum I felt nervous because I didn't know anyone apart from Denion who is also in my class at school. As time has gone on , I have made new friends and I feel more confident now.  I feel that the Children’s Forum has definitely boosted my self confidence since I started and I also feel confident doing more public speaking in the group and attending the forum it has made me realise to value other people’s opinions as we may not also agree with them.

Samuel's story:

Hello my names Sammy, I am 10 years old and I attend the Children’s Forum. I have been a member for a year and a half. My sister use to attend and she told me I would enjoy it, Our sessions are at the Ecology centre in Holland Park. I am so happy that I attend the Children's Forum as I get pretty distracted when I’m in class. The Children's Forum has made me make new friends, taught me about politics and it's taught me to not speak over people and to concentrate on my future and to help our community.


Children's Forum 2019- 20 Dates:

September - 18th 
October - 2nd, 16th and 30th
November - 13th and 27th 
December - 11th 
January - 8th and 22nd
February - 5th and 26th 
March - 11th and 25th 
April - 22nd 
May - 6th and 20th 
June - 3rd and 17th 
July - 1st and 15th 


All the above sessions will run from 4.30 to 6pm


Address: The New Ecology Centre, Holland Park, W8 6LU

Contact us:

To get involved contact Daniela Oliveira Miguel on [email protected] or call 07875878737