Support from Your Business

We recognise the value of partnering with a range of companies and organisations on projects with clear, shared benefits.  Working with us can support the development of your employees, build relationships between departments and positively influence internal communications, while helping us to deliver our mission.

You can find out more about why we know our programmes work by taking a look at our latest learning and impact work 

There are many ways to partner with Epic and confront the issues affecting children and young people in London.  Our aim is to work with you to develop strategic partnerships that positively impacts the community and delivers value for your business.

Engaging with Epic could include:

  • Developing a skills based volunteering programme for your employees
  • Developing a new programme using your business' expertise
  • Sponsoring an existing programme, including naming the programme
  • Making Epic your nonprofit partner of the year
  • Providing funding to grow Epic's reach and impact

Meet some of our current partners:

Contact us

Email our Fundraising Manager, Maxine Willetts or call 07714 563249 to discuss how your business can support us.