Epic Learning, based in West London, is a small independent school providing an alternative provision for KS4 and KS5 children sitting GCSE’s and/or Functional Skills.

At Epic Learning, we aim to nurture all-round achievement and believe that developing inter-personal skills such as presenting, debating, active listening, reflecting and decision making are invaluable ways of accomplishing this goal.

Every young person is allocated to a key worker. We endeavour to support young people through difficult times but also create a safe environment where they can be challenged on some of the negative or distracting behaviours that may have been a problem in their past.

Our practice is based on the premise that:

  • Each student has the right to learn
  • Each teacher/youth worker has the right to teach/facilitate without interruption
  • Every parent has the right to information about their child’s behaviour and to work in partnership with the school to encourage high standards
  • Each participant in this partnership needs to be aware of these standards
  • Every student is equal and should be treated as such at all times by all

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Applications for a placement must be made on the Epic Learning Referral Form or see Prospectus here for more information (page 27 onwards for the Referral Form). 

All referral forms need to be accompanied with the following (where applicable):

  • Current working grades
  • Behaviour log including exclusions
  • SEN statement
  • The pupil’s most recent IEP 

Referrals may be made at any time throughout the year. For any queries please contact [email protected]

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Epic Learning has the following policies and procedures in place:

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Peter Board - Science Teacher
Paul Fairbrass - Religious Education Teacher
Leslie Liszcz - English Teacher
Neil Mayers - Mathematics & Vice Principal



Find out more about Careers Services at our Golborne centre.

Contact Us

Brendan O'Keefe
Address: Epic CIC, First Floor, 36C Oxford Gardens, London W10 5UQ
Tel: 0207 938 8031
email: brendan.o'[email protected]

Chair of Governors:                        
Mary Mackle
Address: Epic CIC, First Floor, 36C Oxford Gardens, London W10 5UQ

Tel: 0207 938 8037
email: [email protected]

Head of School, Epic Learning: Neil Mayers

Executive Principal/Ambition Theme Manager: Vicki Harrison-Carr 

Telephone Number: 020 8968 8936

Address: Golborne Centre, 2A Wornington Rd, London W10 5QJ

Email: [email protected]