The Kensington and Chelsea Youth Grants is a pot of money for young people aged between 13 and 19 or up to 25 with a lifelong learning difficulty and/or disability (LLDD).

The funds are available to support young people to gain new skills/qualifications, to support young people who are experiencing serious money problems, or for those who want to run a project or activity in their local area.

Tameika's Story

I applied for the emergency grant from Epic as I was in urgent need of a new bed for my son and clothes for my two children. I am 23 and have two children aged 9 and 4. Currently, I am on benefits but have been in the process of searching for work. Money has been on the tight side and the weather had become extremely cold. I was in urgent need of winter clothes for my son as he has been having a growth spurt and none of his old clothes fit him anymore. He also has sensitive skin suffering with bad eczema and asthma along with a long list of allergies. Therefore I can only buy clothes which are 100% cotton.

My son has also been sleeping in my bed and receiving the grant has helped to create a better relationship with my son as we are both getting a better night’s sleep. My son enjoys having his own bed and the transition from mine to his was easy as he wanted his own space to sleep just as much as I did. We have a better routine of going to bed and waking up for nursery.

The grant for the clothes and the bed has helped me and my children greatly and I am very appreciative of receiving the grant from Epic.

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