Recent research estimates that 2.6 million children in the UK are living with parents who are drinking hazardously and 705,000 are living with dependent drinkers.

The Hidden Harm project offers support to children and young people between the ages of 5 to 18 years old who have been affected by familial alcohol and/or substance misuse.We offer children and young people one to one therapeutic support alongside access to group activities.

Most recently the Hidden Harm project was asked by the Children’s Commissioners Office to contribute to the report, ‘Are they shouting because of me?’ - Voices of children living in households with domestic abuse, parental substance misuse and mental health issues.

Our Hidden Harm Project Manager Lee Morphew says: 

'It is so important that children who are growing up in the shadow of familial substance and alcohol misuse are provided support and given the opportunity for their voices to be heard. The vast majority of children growing up in a household where drug and alcohol addiction is prevalent are also exposed to serious domestic abuse, mental health issues and significant emotional harm, all of which contribute to a very damaging and troubling impact on them being able to reach their potential.

Nine children who have engaged intensively with the Hidden Harm project contributed to this report by sharing their experiences, personal stories, and deeply moving thoughts and feelings. I am so incredibly proud of all the children who took part in this process. They have all engaged so well with the Hidden Harm project and shown incredible bravery to speak out in often constrained and dangerous circumstances. I am so proud that these children are now in position where they can talk openly about their feelings and can look to having a brighter future.

The overriding wish of those children involved was for their voices to be heard by those in positions of power to ensure that more support and resources are provided to children like them who are in need. Also, it is their wish that other children with similar experiences as them hear that there is hope and their future is not defined by the addiction of a loved one. '

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children and young people 0-17 years in England receiving statutory support


children and young people with complex family needs


children and young people in families receiving recognised support for complex family level need


children in families with complex needs for which there is no national established, recognised form of support


 Vulnerability Report 2018: Overview Document

Voices of Children Report Are they shouting because of me

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