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Arts Awards in a Week

Over the May Half term 8 young people came together to take part in a 4 day jam packed arts week at the golborne centre. Young people explored the arts by experimenting with various art materials and techniques in order to produce a piece artwork for themselves. Congratulations to the 8 girls that worked hard to produce their portfolio and achieved their Art Awards !

Epic Learning Arts Awards

The young people at the  Epic Learning School have been getting there creative minds  working by taking part in our ‘Graffiti tag’ workshops. They have produced their own designs and colour schemes and they have learnt various drawing and colouring techniques. All young people on this programme are working towards their Bronze Arts Awards.

Up & Coming:

Syrian Cooking course: 4 day summer holiday programme
Date: Monday 23rd July - Thursday 26th July
Time: 10-4pm
Venue: Canalside Centre
To book a place please contact: [email protected]
Cook Syrian food with Damascus Chef :

Discover Syrian food and how to create delicious dishes in this 4 day workshop. Abdullah, also known as Damascus Chef, will inspire you and show you the secrets of Syrian cuisine. Abdullah runs his own pop up restaurant in London and is an expert in contemporary Syrian cooking. You will get to learn how to make baba ghanoush from scratch, how to make tasty main meals from salads to meat dishes. Each day you will cook different recipes, choose dishes you enjoy and pick up practical tips about choosing good ingredients. On the last day you can celebrate with a shared meal together with guests. Enjoy your own cooking, celebrate Syrian culture and work together with others to make meals to remember in this hands on cookery course. Organized in partnerships with The Mosaic Rooms, London’s free space for contemporary culture from the Arab world.

Dance Academy

One week of intense dance training for young people! Learn routines and the techniques of different dance styles including; Street Dance, Commercial, Hip Hop, House, Locking, Afrobeats and more in a fresh, exciting and fun way.

Each class is taught by some of the best choreographers in the UK. Previously classes have been taught by: Olivia Shouler, Theo Godson, Hazel Culliney, Ola Papior, Kervon Proverbs, Olu Alatise, & Jason Nguyen, plus more. Taking their dance skills to the next level.

Date: 9-13 April

Time: 11:30-4:30 (registration starts at 11am)

Venue: Golborne Centre Off Acklam Road, Swinbrook Estate, London, W10 5QW

To book:

If you are interested please contact Tania Moore on 020 7938 8040 / 07739 314570 or email on [email protected] to book your place with a completed Epic Consent Form. We look forward to seeing you and your friends.