KaBoom! The spirit of searching and experimenting

Can science be fun? Absolutely! 

We are partnering with The Science MuseumNatural History MuseumTideway, Scientists, Artists, and Technologists to prove that. And there's more to come!

Epic has been awarded funding through the Mayor’s Young Londoners Fund to design STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities that are accessible for all children and young people. The aim of this project is to develop their natural curiosity in a fun, safe and accessible environment. This project is particularly aimed at children and young people aged 10- 14 years old, who might be on the verge of exclusion from school, social exclusion and criminality.

In the past 12 months we have empowered approximately 280 children to see science as an everyday, relatable and enjoyable activity by creating science projects such as our floating sculptures Aerocene projectMost recently, we organised a new Half Term science project where children used sensors to measure pollution to learn more about the environment they live in and what contributes to the pollution around their local schools, shops and open spaces. 

What's next?

We are developing an even more exciting approach to STEM and incorporating all activities across Epic PlayYouthSport & SEND. This will include science workshops, taster sessions at our centres, residentials and activities with our talented science teachers. What's even better is that the children and young people will participate in planning this project to shape how they learn about STEM! It will be up to the participants to choose whether they want to learn more about...

  • Environmental science by exploring areas outside of London in our adventurous residentials, or off site trips to museums, parks, open spaces. 
  • Nutrition by attending our healthy cooking sessions. 
  • Technology by participating in music production workshops.
  • Water Science by attending kayaking sessions, exploring the river and understanding water pollution. 

Endless opportunities to get involved! 

The children and young people will be in charge of their own mini budget which they can use to design and implement their own project. 

To put it simply, our goal is to connect STEM to the real world make it accessible to children and young people who wouldn't normally be exposed or interested in learning about science. 

Watch this space for the most recent updates on this exciting new project!



Watch this video to find out more about the Young Londoners Fund: