Giving a voice to young people is at the core of what we do. We know from listening to young people and community groups, that Epic’s programmes help young people to achieve outcomes that are meaningful to them. That's why we wanted to gather these personal stories and share the positive difference Epic makes to children, young people, and to the wider community.

Shamime's Story

I started with Epic CIC back in secondary school and it's been six years since then. When I started with Epic I was very young and I came to Youth Forum and they taught me how to have my voice, how to actually say things that matter, how to keep me politically motivated within my community. I've never had that before and that was such a special experience for me. Since being a part of Epic I've been able to do many things like Youth Exchange to Greece, building the confidence to actually work for David Cameron the MP and create a mental health conference for the youth of surrounding Grenfell. Without Epic CIC and the Youth Forum, I know I wouldn't have been able to have access to all these things. During my first year of A levels my family and I were relocated to a different Borough and if it wasn't for the mentors that supported me in Epic CIC during that time, I know that I could've struggled way more and probably wouldn't have gotten into the university that I got into right now. Where am I now? I'm studying History and Politics at the University of Oxford. And if I could summarise Epic CIC in three short bullet points on what they've done for me it would be- Number 1: they kept me politically active throughout my years. Number 2: they kept me tied to my community (even though I'm in Oxford I come back all the time). Number 3: they really shaped me into the full wholesome human being that I am today and I can't thank them enough for that. 

Claudia's Story

I found out about Epic through a Social Worker who thought that it was best I would get support and help. Before meeting Epic, problems were going on with my parents as they had alcohol abuse. So there was a lot of shouting, arguments and fighting. I was really unsure, I was quite shy, I wasn't very confident. But as soon as I started to join in with Epic, they started encouraging me even more and telling me that 'you can do it' and 'it is possible for you'. Epic has impacted me a whole lot more because they had encouraged me to have this confidence. I think without the events that Epic holds and the stuff that they do, I wouldn't have the practice, the confidence. Definitely there's been a lot of change in my household. 


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We will be sharing more of our young people's stories soon...