Giving a voice to young people is at the core of what we do. We know from listening to young people and community groups, that Epic’s programmes help young people to achieve outcomes that are meaningful to them. That's why we wanted to gather these personal stories and share the positive difference Epic makes to children, young people, and to the wider community.

Sharmina's Story, 27 

I found out about Epic and the work they do with young people and the community at my university safer London event. At the time I was looking for a final year placement to complete 370 hours for my degree in Youth work. I contacted them and was welcomed with useful information about how they could support me. Some challenges that I face is writing reports and essays as I am dyslexic, which usually take me longer, Epic was very understanding and supported me with this.

Epic was very helpful in supporting the facilitation of the young mums programme and also helping me learn about fundraising and working in a team. Epic enabled me to gain new experiences, challenges myself, take different approaches and have a safe space where I could think and grow my practice working with young people in the community. I feel that Epic is a fantastic organisation which offer a variety of experiences to young people and students.

After leaving Epic, I got a First in my degree and I’m currently working full time as a Family Support Worker.  Epic has raised my confidence and encouraged me to be the best I can in the workplace to meet the best interests of young people.

Before being at Epic I didn’t have much awareness of the organisation, its culture, and how this could have an impact on the work that is carried out with young people. After leaving Epic I feel confident and empowered! This is due to the amazing managers and staff who supported my learning and development throughout my placement.  



We will be sharing more of our young people's stories soon...