We provide a welcoming and safe environment which is fun and stimulating for children & young people aged 6-14 (and up to 16 with LLDD) in their leisure time.

Rock up and Play!

You will find these and lots of other EPIC activities at our Community & Adventure Play centres:

Flashpoint Centre Play / Wiltshire Close Adventure Playground / Little Wormwood Scrubs Adventure Playground

Other Play Activities

We use play to give children the opportunity to grow in an informal setting through a whole host of developmental programmes and activities including:

  • Residentials (Fun and stimulating outdoor activities include climbing, archery, high ropes, team tasks, woodland skills, and many more!)
  • Off- Site Activities (Exciting trips and activities!)
  • Dance & Drama (Expressive outlet to get active through learning various dance styles and experimenting with different acting roles!)
  • IT suite (Computers can be used for fun, games, and research for homework!)

Fun Science

We are partnering with The Science Museum, Natural History Museum, L'Oreal, Imperial College London, The Design MuseumScientists, Artists, and Technologists to design STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) activities that integrate community & adventure play and are accessible for all children. The idea of this project is to develop the natural curiosity children have in a play environment. In the past 12 months we have empowered 163 children to see science as an everyday, relatable and enjoyable activity by creating science projects such as our floating sculptures Aerocene project.

Most recently, we started organising a new science project where children will be working with sensors to measure pollution around the estate on Worlds End, Chelsea and create a map to give suggestions of routes less contaminated to school, shops and the play centres. 

Currently ongoing STEM projects with our partners

Imperial College London

Air Monitoring Pollution Project

With this project we aim to engage children with topics in atmospheric, healthcare and environmental science by actively encouraging them to learn about the air they breathe and what affects its quality.

Children will participate in a collective data gathering that will enable them to explore their neighbourhood and locations that are important to them on a series of guided walks (guided by them), whilst taking measurements with instruments provided by the College.

They will learn about what affects air quality and what they and their families and friends can do to make it better.

With the data gathered and the help of our creative play workers, they will design and populate an air quality map of the borough highlighting places and routes that they have chosen.

 Watch this space for the map (coming soon!)

 The map will be revealed at the Exhibition Road Festival on 29th June 2019 to encourage a public discussion on the issue of pollution.


Natural History Museum

STEM knowledge Transfer Project

This project is an “Advice Lab’ for sharing informal STEM activities with playworkers and youth workers.  Bringing together researchers, science communicators, playworkers to address questions of implementation and equip workers with confidence to create meaningful science learning experiences through inquiry based facilitation.


Science Museum

We Make London project

A cross disciplinary youth led project related to Grenfell using participatory map making as a tool for social change. The maps developed by young people will be showcased at the Exhibition Road Festival on 29th June 2019.

How to book

For general enquiries and party bookings, please contact [email protected]

For all activities at Flashpoint Centre Play contact:
Veronique Foster  T: 020 7351 2186 or E: [email protected] 

For holiday activities at Wiltshire Close Adventure Playground contact:
Leanne Turner T: 020 7584 6753 or E: [email protected] 

For term- time activities at Little Wormwood Scrubs Adventure Playground contact:
Said Aden T: 020 8962 6940 or E: [email protected]


Majority of our activities are free, fees only apply to trips and residentials. Please query with the individual centre.

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