We provide a welcoming and safe environment which is fun and stimulating for children & young people aged 6-14 (and up to 16 with LLDD) in their leisure time.

Rock up and Play!

You will find these and lots of other EPIC activities at our Community & Adventure Play centres:

Flashpoint Centre Play / Wiltshire Close Adventure Playground / Little Wormwood Scrubs Adventure Playground

Other Play Activities

We use play to give children the opportunity to grow in an informal setting through a whole host of developmental programmes and activities including:

  • Residentials (Fun and stimulating outdoor activities include climbing, archery, high ropes, team tasks, woodland skills, and many more!)
  • Off- Site Activities (Exciting trips and activities!)
  • Dance & Drama (Expressive outlet to get active through learning various dance styles and experimenting with different acting roles!)
  • IT suite (Computers can be used for fun, games, and research for homework!)

How to book

For general enquiries and party bookings, please contact [email protected]

For all activities at Flashpoint Centre Play contact:
Veronique Foster  T: 020 7351 2186 or E: [email protected] 

For holiday activities at Wiltshire Close Adventure Playground contact:
Leanne Turner T: 020 7584 6753 or E: [email protected] 

For term- time activities at Little Wormwood Scrubs Adventure Playground contact:
Said Aden T: 020 8962 6940 or E: [email protected]


Majority of our activities are free, fees only apply to trips and residentials. Please query with the individual centre.

Registration Form:

Epic Participant Consent Form