Research shows 1 in 10 young people will need support with their mental health at some point. So like looking after our physical health, it is just as important to be aware and take care of our mental wellbeing. Happiness and well-being are influenced by our genetics, our upbringings, external circumstances and what we chose to do with our time. Up to 40% comes from things we have a choice around; so supporting children and young people to engage with the things they want to do can help increase their happiness.

Strong Young Minds provides a one to one outreach service that is led by the child or young person and set-up to help them access the support they want. The service aims to help children and young people increase their resilience, reduce social isolation and build on their coping skills to develop strong young minds.

Specialist workers offer:

  • Emotional support and advocacy;
  • Help to learn about ways to build mental strength and coping techniques;
  • Bring children and young people into social groups helping them feel less isolated;
  • Aim to increase awareness and reduce stigma;
  • Signposting to groups, social activities and other support services.

By giving young people a sense of control over their use of the service, they are shown that even in difficult times they can find their own strengths to get through tough times in life.

Resources and useful links

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Contact Us

At this stage we are currently closed for referrals but if you wish to discuss a young person please contact us below.

For more information or to discuss a referral please contact our Specialist Social Worker for Mental Health; Imogen Keay 07714 563 253[email protected].