William is an 11 year old boy who was referred to our Children’s Choice Conference working group by his head teacher at Queens Manor Primary School.

As part of the working group Williams role, was to help plan and organise this year's Children’s Choice Conference, his main duties were to:
  • Decide a theme of the conference
  • Design a flyer
  • Contribute something to the conference based on the theme (drama, dance, song, activity, film, presentation)
  • Decide a workshop to deliver – based on theme

This year was the first time I had worked with William. During the early session he was quite shy, he did not talk very much and would second guess himself when it came to asking question.

After the first few weeks after encouragement from Epic staff and also from the other children in the working group he started to contribute far more actively. During the session when I described what their tasks were as part of the working group, he jumped to the occasion and contributed enormously to the shaping of this years conference. He brought a lot of exciting ideas to the Children's Working group helping others to see the vision of their work and start to shape their ideas during the planning stages.

”I really liked working with you. I was always coming home cheerful after the working group sessions. Staff were really polite and workshops were really fun.”

Once a conference contribution was agreed upon he wrote a large portion of the script for their screenplay, taking a real shine to directing the filming and going on to deliver a presentation at the conference.

His willingness to try new things and push himself to do things outside of his comfort zone was amazing, he also helped to bring the whole group together and got them working productivity as a team through his positive example.

During the ten week programme William went from strength to strength, his confidence built and he became a leader taking an active role in decision making. There was no task too big or small for him to complete and his passionate, upbeat spirit made him a pleasure to work with and highly respected amongst his peers and staff members alike.