Yahya started working with us from 2014 and tragically lost his mother to a terminal illness which really affected Yahya in every aspect of his life. As a result he fell into being involved in negative peer groups, crime and Serious Youth Violence activities whilst also being depressed and involved in major Debt from Housing and Council Tax due to the inexperience of managing his housing and utility bills.

Yahya engaged in mentoring and 1-1 key work with Epic to start to resolve these issues and was involved with us for over 2 years. We helped him manage the following:

  • manage his debts and seek professional help
  • mentoring and clinical therapy
  • Employment Education and Training activities
  • positive activities

As a result of his engagement he now has his debts under control, he is in full time employment and he is more confident and clear about his aspirations, goals and ambitions.

Yahya has since gone onto other project within Epic such as MELP 2016 in which he presented his concept of setting up a healthy eating business.